“Willfully Ignorant”

She is twenty-eight years old with a long work day. She wakes at 5:00  in the morning to eat breakfast, goes to the office, exercises for 45 minutes on the treadmill, gets ready for work,  reviews charts and her anticipated schedule before her first patient at 8:00, and leaves the office at 7:00 later that evening. She is reportedly back to sleep by 9:00. She is left with ninety minutes of what she calls “leisure time”, daily. Ninety minutes does not sound like a lot of “leisure time” until you realize that she only works 4 days per week, rents, and is unmarried without children.

Despite being a registered voter with fifty-four hours of leisure time weekly, she argued she could not afford the time to know who Muammar Gaddafi was. She is a citizen of voting age in the representative republic of the United States of America, but does not know her Congressional Representative. The United States is a member of NATO, but she is not sure what that is. NATO has (in our 3rd active military campaign of 2011) utilized our pilots, aircraft and resources to engage our country in conflict to oust Gaddafi from Libya, a country she thinks is in South America. She wonders aloud how she could possibly “find out” about the today’s events without cable television or a newpaper, yet she owns two computers (and an iPad) and subscribes to Cosmo.

She proves that not everyone should vote. Perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully in saying so.


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