The .0000000001 percent

Representatives of a new generation huddle in parks and walk in streets in protest of an economic system that does not work for their better interest. They were raised differently than their grandparents only 2 generations earlier: believing they were unique and special, many went to (or are attending) college and grad school for a career that was of value to them and would make them happy. Now, they are resentful because they see that they are not going to get their “fair share”. They see that others are making exceedingly more and that there is an ever-growing divide between the “ninety-nine” and the “one”.

The politics and numbers are interesting to look at, but this small movement is buoyed by something else, something less palpable. Be they under-employed, un-employed, or underpaid each of them values what they offer our society more than the open market does.

They were raised by parents and educators to be an idealist generation of special and unique individuals, but they live in a harsh reality that sees them as one of many in a mechanized, impersonal, international economy.  The cognitive dissonance is a tough pill to swallow: they are not the “ninety-nine”.  Rather, each is only “one” of 7 billion, and the world has treated them accordingly.


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