A Different Perspective

(I love her like a little sister, but I had to just walk away in silence…)

She graduated three years ago with a Masters Degree a field that is funded almost exclusively in the public sector, but jobs are scarce as federal, state, and local governments are forced to make significant cuts due to a bad economy, reduced income and perpetually poor budgeting.  She once dreamed of working as a crime scene investigator; now she would settle for not sitting in an office, staring at a computer, organizing authorizations and claims for a physical therapy practice.

This week, she expressed her concerns regarding refinancing her student loans.  If she refinances through a particular government program (IBR), she has the opportunity to make payments toward her loans at less than 10% of her total gross family income for the next 25 years.  After 25 years, the entirety of the remaining balance will be forgiven.  She is worried that if she gets married, the amount that she (and her spouse) will have to pay back to the government will be more than if she were single, essentially “making” her prospective husband pitch in to help pay down her debt.

She said (with a straight face), “I want to get married, but I don’t think it’s fair to make someone else pay for my loan.”


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