Looking Ahead, Pt. 1

While discussing the perception of my care with Diane, a fellow therapist for whom I have a great deal of respect, she said:

“When you stop caring about external perception of your choices, and consider what your choices will mean for your own life, your own “self”, your own development, your own writing, your own integrity, your own evolution as therapist, your own lifespan…you will be able to relax and embrace them…”

I have been thinking about her words for nearly a week now, and wish that they were true, but I am uncertain as to how that might be possible in the world which I intend to create for myself.

In 4  to 5 years, I plan to open my own physical therapy practice. There are many uncertainties as to how I will make this happen, but one thing is certain: I will not be able to keep my doors open without the support of local physicians and a steady stream of satisfied patients.

Immediately, without pause, I must understand that external perception alone will determine my own success or failure.

How, then, will I strike a balance between the choices that I make for my own life and those that will be made to foster a successful and profitable business?



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