Looking Back, Pt. 2

In high school, I had been the only male in my class who had been interested in sports while remaining strong in academics with goals and aspirations beyond membership in the local labor union and the ever-growing welfare lines.  It was a very lonely existence.

College was different. When I went to college, my world changed. Amongst like minded individuals with similar career goals and objectives for their lives, I thrived socially in ways that I had only dreamed of. I made more friends in my first two weeks of college than I had had in 6 years of junior/senior high school. Fifteen years later, 5 of them remain some my closest friends today. I went from someone who was mostly alone to someone who always had company, and it was good company.

My life had changed from one of isolationism to one of comradery, but I had not.

It had not been necessary for me to change to find happiness. I had only needed to change the environment that I was in. The difference was in the context, not in me.


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