Looking Ahead, Pt. 2

“A significant part of marketing to strangers is the work of appearing to be the dominant choice, the safe choice, the one that’s going to get picked by everyone else soon. Get in sync, the thinking goes, if you’re the kind of person that wants to be in sync…”  **

I am not the safe choice, nor do I plan to be. The more that I read, the less certain I am, and the more honest I become. As I become more informed, my practice slowly creeps away from what is considered to be mainstream. I still mobilize tissue, but not for the same reasons I used to. My patients still move, but with different intentions. These are ideas that are sometimes considered unpopular, contrarian, even out of sync.

When I open my own practice, I will be injecting myself into a very competitive environment with an army of private practices and their therapists vying for the right to manipulate, thrust, and exercise patients for the sake of profitability. They are the front-runners, and are already well-established. They are the safe choice.

I, on the other hand, will follow Diane’s advice, as a dangerous insurgent…(cont)

**Quoted passage from: Seth Godin’s blog: “How much are you going to tip?”


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