Good For Bad Times

The “Best Man” in three weddings, I will drive through day and night to help a friend in need. I have taken weeks off from work to help one friend paint their house or to help another move from Pennsylvania to New York when his funds were tight and his mother-in-law ill. All of my friends know that I will be there for them in a pinch, always when they need me most.

I wonder, though, what they think of me today, a day no different than any other. There are no crises, no calamities or catastrophic events, and (as was the case the day before) I am largely absent.  A missing person from friendship’s past, I will not write. I will not call. I will not text. Instead, I will hang my hat on an awareness that they know they can call on me when needed.

In a moment of reflection, I cannot help but think that friendship should be more that that.

I wonder if my friends feel the same.


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