Pundits and Gurus

Children see the world as black and white, right and wrong. As they grow older they learn of circumstance and history, and realize that lines which were once perceived so clearly as distinguishable have been blurred and smudged. The lines are often further blurred by the progress of science and technology. Simple solutions may be available to complex problems, but an undeniably honest understanding of the complexity of an issue must first be achieved.

Instead, many try to manipulate their viewers and listeners. Under the guise of righteousness born from concern and disillusionment, they spew forth vitriol and contempt to garner advertising dollars, speaking fees, and clout. They speak loudly of how to fix everything, and with even greater volume of those who wrongly oppose their ideology.

Either disingenuous or willfully ignorant, neither is a virtuous man.

Do you know of anyone like this?


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