Scientific Method

When I was a child, on the first day of school, I sat with my new classmates at recess; collectively, we compared the bottoms of our sneakers to look at the treads. Too young to be concerned with the emblem etched on the leather upper, we were consumed with discovering what pattern looked the coolest, and which one we thought would make us run the fastest.

High-tops were becoming fashionable, and Dan and Sean had the neatest pairs, but would they make them fast?

One after another, race after race,my classmates fell to the fleet-footed, high-top wearing duo. They had, without a doubt, the fastest shoes on the playground.

It was September, and each of us was already wearing brand new shoes, so we knew that our parents would not buy us another pair any time soon (not that it prevented us from begging anyway); we couldn’t wait, because when we finally got our new sneakers with the new treads, we were going to give Dan and Sean a run for their money.


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