So Much To Learn, Pt. 1


Physical therapy students graduate from their programs and go out into the “real world” with all the knowledge about what not to do to hurt their patients, rarely knowing what to do to care for their patients. Their failures in care become more prominent than their successes and then these sponges begin to look for continuing education classes to make them better clinicians.

While looking for continuing education experiences, they come to believe that if their patients are not getting better, it was because they were not exposed to something that they somehow should have been. They think that there must have been a “gap in their education. so they begin to seek out more information, different information. They become drawn to ideas and theories that are far removed from those that were presented in the academic settings that they begin to resent for not preparing them for the world in which they practice.

Bitter and disappointed, “students” begin to hear about the contractility of fascia, visceral manipulation, right on right sacral torsions or anterior-inferior chains; they become excited. They are energized when they discover that there are answers out there, if they spend enough money to learn. Only then will they learn a system that provides them with a greater understanding of the human body and a new, more successful model of practice.


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