So Much To Learn, Pt. 2


…a sponge, which soaks up everything; a funnel, which lets in at one end and out the other; a strainer, which lets the wine pass through and retains the dregs; [and] a sieve, which lets out the course and retains the fine flour.

In the US “education” system, students are motivated to become the best sponges they can be. They are programmed how to pass exams that are presented primarily in multiple choice and true/false formats. Sometimes, if the teacher cares about analysis, they will have the student complete essay exams.

Of course, the problem with the essay exam is that it still sets up a system where one individual has influence over not only what material has been chosen to be presented to class, but how those materials might be properly interpreted. Therein, the teacher acts as funnel, strainer and sieve, creating a system of indoctrination rather than one of enlightened education.

Later in life, these students grow up and go to college where they are again presented with materials carefully selected by another. In physical therapy, for instance, this is necessary (in some respects) to assure that materials integral to the profession of physical therapy are presented so as to allow for future passage of a licensing examination.

Unfortunately, the system is broken and creates a series of sponges, immature learners incapable of discovering and filtering information in a defensible or plausible way. From kindergarten through a Master’s level education, students are never exposed to Occam’s Razor. Like myself, most go through their lives having never heard of the concept, posing a great threat not only to the individual, but to their ability to provide appropriate physical therapy care as well.


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