As part of a 2 day orientation in a hospital system, I was subjected to a 35 minute presentation by a professional that openly fancied himself an aspiring improvisational comic. His personality was bombastic and energetic and I can imagine that his energy could be something that would be embraced by patients in a hospital setting who are looking for something to break up the monotony of their day. On the other hand, as a future colleague who had already been sitting through 13 hours of presenters over the last 2 days, I simply found him annoying.

The stage was his; his topic was “body mechanics”, and (as the hospital’s physical therapist) he had some important wisdom to impart on his learners.

First, he told us how very important it was that everyone obtains shoe inserts/orthotics to help support their feet. After all, people can expect to be on their feet for long periods of time in a hospital and if the feet are not supported, then the ankles, knees, hips and back become predisposed to painful injuries.

Secondly, he helped us understand how it was imperative for everyone to maintain an appropriate/upright sitting posture to keep stress off of the spine (especially the intervertebral discs) to prevent injury. He recommended that all administrative staff obtain a lumber cushion to assist them in maintaining this posture.

An unknowing and aspiring comedian, no one else realized that he was the biggest joke in the room.

I chose to keep my job for another day…


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