“I really am a very simple person”

While listening to a segment of the Studio 360 podcast, I was exposed to the music of Eve Beglarian. Her first performance was written after spending 4 months kayaking the Mississippi River. It was the first song she wrote after her experience and is titled I am really a very simple person.

There was nothing simple about it, and that (of course) was her point.

When I listened, I smiled as I became fascinated by the accessibility of its complexity. With the simplest of orchestral pieces, it is difficult for the untrained ear to distinguish one piece from another, it is composed so that all the instruments work together seamlessly as one. Yet this piece, with all its complexity, was purposefully composed in such a way that the learner could focus their attention, virtually zooming in and out of the piece, to focus on one “instrument” or another; never distracting the listener from the entire piece of music itself. The song, and it’s title, is wonderfully metaphoric.

.     .     .     .

Much like the song, people are not simple, but despite our complexities, we are accessible to ourselves. We can, with attention and commitment, strive toward a greater understanding of ourselves. It follows that with a greater understanding of the complexities of one’s self, life can become simpler, less stressful and more satisfying.

What can you learn about yourself today?


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