LTG: Be A Better Husband

Hmmm…I don’t like to hang out with new people. I find small talk cumbersome. I fidget a lot with my hands and have broken the little clasp at the battery compartment on every remote control that I have ever owned. I have strange eating habits and really dislike certain textures in some foods (tapioca, anyone?) I am very unemotional, stoic even. I script out in detail possible events and social interactions before they happen. I can often be perceived as aloof (although I just say that I am not as good at acting like I am interested). I sometimes have difficulty falling asleep at night because I have a melody or song in my head that will not stop. I chew on my lower lip when anxious. I interpret things very literally. I invert numbers presented in sequence.

Despite my “blemishes”, I knew my score would be what it was, but I was inspired to take the quiz anyway after listening to this podcast. Part 2 of Play The Part is about how a wife learns that many of her husband’s eccentricities can be attributed to Aspergers Syndrome and the compulsive manners in which he tries to become a better husband (he is an analytical problem solver, after all).

As I suspected, I have quirks, but no excuses, and (unfortunately) they do not absolve me of the responsibility of listening to my wife with the same care and devotion I do with my patients, even when (personally) disinterested.


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