Elements of Therapy

While watching this video, I was taken by the following words, spoken by R. Beau Lotto. He related most of his speech to visual illusions, however, his observations and conclusions clearly reflect what we have learned from pain science as well:

Being human…we can see ourselves see. We can have an awareness. We can become perceivers of ourselves. When you look at an illusion, you can experience two realities at the same time, one you see and one you know. You see (things) as being different, but also know that they are the same. You are literally seeing yourself see. and it is through that process of seeing yourself see or becoming an observer of yourself, of becoming aware, that enables us to do amazing things. It enables us to be human.

If our perceptions of the world our grounded in our history, then what we do now effects how we see things in the future. So, the creation of all new perceptions begins in the same way: with a question, with a step into uncertainty. And within that step to uncertainty, suddenly we have things like choice. And with choice we can actually be creative. And something even more fundamental is we have the ability for compassion, because this is human nature. This is what it is to be human.  And it is only by accepting your own human nature that we can accept the human nature of others.

The brain continually re-defines reality. That is what it does. That is what it evolved to do.

We are defined by ecology. We are not defined by the stuff that makes us up. We are not defined by our DNA. We are defined by the history of interaction, the meaning of relationships.

The quote speaks for itself. If it doesn’t, it is time to start reading.


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