Sports Night, Ep. 3

Jeremy is not the central character in this episode, but there is a poignant moment in the show where he realizes that he has found a new home.

Jeremy was sent out on assignment, to produce a hunting segment. Long story abbreviated: he despises hunting, has a panic attack when a dear is killed and has to be taken to the hospital. He returns to the office to meet with Isaac, the Executive Director:

Isaac: Jeremy. Why didn’t you tell us how you felt about hunting when we gave you this?
Jeremy: Because you told me that you spoke to Mark Sabath at USA Today. In fact, I know you must have spoken to him before you hired me.
Isaac: Of course I did. I also spoke to Dave Heller at the Free Press. And Tom Monahan at the Sacramento Bee.
Jeremy: And they all said pretty much the same thing.
Isaac: Yes, they all said that Jeremy Goodwin was a bright guy, with a world class understanding of popular sports, but that he didn’t quite fit in and there was little chance that he’d advance in their organization.
Jeremy: All due respect, Mr. Jaffee, but I have $80,000 in college loans to pay back. My instincts told me to shut the the hell up and do what I was told.
Isaac: Your instincts were wrong.
Jeremy: Not fitting in is how qualified people lose jobs.
Isaac: Yeah, but a lot of the time, it’s how they end up working here.

Funny enough, circumstances are very similar when physical therapists, massage therapists, trainers, and other professionals embrace pain science…they end up here.


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