Evolutionary Advantage?

This was my fight or flight response.

As I ran down the stairs, my legs were shaking and trembling and I wondered if I would fall.

It was 2:30 in the morning when the fire alarms began to go off. Little did I know when I purchased the home that I had an “interconnected” system. This means that once one fire alarm goes off, no matter where it is, all of the alarms in my home will go off at the same time. As you can imagine, this can cause quite the ruckus.

Initially, I ran through the home looking for the fire; there was none, not even a hint of smoke.

Regardless, the noise persisted.

I had awoke to four different alarms going off upstairs, two downstairs, and one in the basement. As the alarm started going off, my dog began to howl and my one-year-old child began to scream in fear and (not coincidentally) alarm. I tried, in vain, to stop the alarms upstairs without success. Only once I had ran downstairs to yet another alarm, disconnected it from the ceiling and displaced the battery was peace restored to my home. It was the fifth alarm that I had disconnected.

As the alarms quieted, I looked down to my still visibly shaking legs and wondered, “How did that help?”


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