Better Off Not A Joker

I sent her home. She came right in here and sat down right there (points to the couch) and sat on my things. Then she started cracking jokes as if she was my best friend.

I told her to leave. But I like you. I can tell that you take your job seriously. You came in and explained to me what to expect and why you are here and you got right down to business. I don’t need a joker, I want someone who cares about what they are doing.

It is nice once in a while to find that one patient who “gets it”.

Only a day earlier, another therapist had gone in to see this same patient. My boss handed the patient’s care over to me and said,  “The therapist didn’t hit it off with the patient, so good luck with that one.”

I can only wish that every patient were so understanding and appreciative of my approach. More importantly, I wish that all patients would admonish the clinician who enters their space with anything less than a courteous, respectful and genuinely empathetic approach to care.


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