Sundays With Family, Pt. 2

If the hat fits…

We have had some internal debate in the family regarding the utilization of bows, barrettes, hairbands and other fashionable hair accessories. It should be apparent that Daddy is against these tools of fashion, Mommy is strongly in favor of them.

There is no need to hash out why each of us thinks the other is wrong about such a pithy subject, considering that Tori herself has made the point moot.

It turns out that Tori LOVES hats. Be they winter hats, sun hats, her hats, AJ’s hats, or Daddy’s hats, Tori wants to wear them. In typical young child fashion, more is better and she has been seen with as many as 3 hats on her head at one time.

Strangely enough, she would not wear a hat all winter long, much to the dismay of her mother. But with spring comes new interests, and among those interests are hats.

More importantly, she has found something (for now) that is of interest to her. Neither her mother or her father have encouraged her to express herself this way; it is of her own making.

She is growing up…and it makes her father smile when she pulls a flower out of her hair to put a hat on, because she is making her own choice and each time she makes that choice, she herself smiles…she is genuinely happy as her own identity blossoms.

Hats off to you, Tori; we are happy for you.


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