Patient Ed. 101

We hear traffic on the streets, babies crying in the doctors office and background music in the stores, but we listen to compelling news on the radio, our own child’s cry after pinching their finger in a cabinet or to music in a quiet room headphones on.

I was once the person I have learned to despise, and it frustrates me to see that person in the clinic, or hear about them in the home care field. I had a voice, and I wanted to be heard. I had a wealth of information that the average citizen may not possess, and I wanted to share it with anyone who who could hear me. The only question was: who would listen? As is the case in school for that impassioned 9th grade earth science teacher, the answer was a frustrating very few.

But, much like the earth science teacher, I (like many others) was content to be heard. You see, being heard was good enough. To be listening was not required, and in hindsight, required far more effort. I was an instructor, imparting information and commands to others who needed not internalize or understand how the information fit together cohesively or why it was they must do what they did.


I prefer to educate…


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