A Sad Story

She has lived a longer life than she ever expected; she is ready and prepared to die. Her husband passed away 10 years ago, and her family is spread throughout the North American continent, with her nearest relative being a 7 hour train ride away. After a hospitalization for pneumonia, she tried to return home, but was unable to live independently; as a result, she has moved into a small dorm-style room in an assisted-living facility. She is now alone in a building filled with other people, many of whom are also alone.

When she was in the hospital, she chose to discontinue her anti-biotics; in her mind, she was ready to die if that was what “the good Lord” had planned for her. She wanted to “join” her husband, who she believes has been waiting patiently for her, although she is uncertain why he has had to wait this long.

When she elected to stop her medications, a nurse came into her room to try to convince her to take them, but she had made up her mind and her intentions were clear. The nurse, apparently frustrated with a non-compliant patient , told her, “Here’s the deal…either you take these pills or we send you out…”

“…We don’t warehouse old people.”


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