Sundays With Family, Pt. 3

A Good Judge of Character

Recently, AJ had to choose someone to follow for a day. He had to ask them to bring him everywhere with them, to let him share in their experiences. Without hesitation, he knew who to ask: JoJo.

So, on Easter weekend, JoJo brought our boy everywhere with her, and we have the pictures to prove it. He went to Tae Kwon Do with David and was introduced to his sensei. He colored Easter Eggs with David and Danny (AJ liked the pink and red eggs the most). He got to go to David/Danny’s grandparent’s home, meeting Ryan and Danielle; he hung out with Aunt Tracey and Uncle Ralph. Additionally, he had an opportunity to have brunch with JoJo’s family, meeting Danielle, Alexandra and Haley. It was a very special weekend, shared with AJ by a very special person.

The most special part was that AJ was never there, but he has a story with pictures of his “Flat AJ” as if he were.

AJ is loved by many people, many of whom are wonderfully caring and giving of their time, but he knew instinctively who would provide his flat self with the most elaborate and fun experience, and when he was looking through the bound book with pictures and stories of “Flat” AJ’s easter weekend with JoJo and her family (who all played along, taking pictures with my son’s paper self), his smile spread from ear to ear.

I just think it is neat that, even at 4 years old, he knew exactly who to ask…


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