Courageous or Defeated?

She reminded me of many women I have met before. She was obviously strong and undeniably proud of what she has overcome. A survivor with the scars to prove it, she was willing to expose her story to a group of strangers who had not yet proven worthy of the trust to share something so personal and intimate.

I was taken aback by her forthrightness and her courage, but on the way back to my home I could not help but think…

What was she like before her experience? Was she as open with such intimate details of her life a few years ago?

She is alive; her cancer is in remission. For her, there is likely no price too high for such a favorable outcome. But I wonder, as she traveled along a dark path, had she come out the other side with the courage and pride of a survivor, or had medical “care” simply stripped her of her dignity along the way?

To get an honest answer to such a question is not possible; to consider the question remains undeniably important, nonetheless.


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