Sports Night, Ep. 9

The Quality of Mercy at 29K

The team is covering the ascent of Mount Everest by Corey (a person of interest) and they will have live coverage as he reaches the peak. While their focus on-air is directed at the amazing feat that one man is about to accomplish on the other side of the globe, Dan is trying to accomplish something a little closer to home:

Dan: Natalie, let me ask you something?
Natalie: What?
Dan: What do you do with your money?
Natalie: What do I do with my money?
Dan: Yeah.
Natalie: Well, my portfolio’s pretty much tied up in food and shelter, Dan.
Dan: I meant your disposable income. I’ve got some extra money and I don’t know what to do with it….It’s a tough decision, ’cause…
Natalie: AIDS.
Dan: Yeah?
Natalie: Every once in awhile, if I have a few extra dollars, I’ll give it to an AIDS group.
Dan: That’s great.
Natalie: It’s only a little bit.
Dan: A little is better than nothing.
Natalie: I’ll get you the name and address.
Dan: The thing is more people die of breast cancer every year than die of AIDS. More people die of diabetes. About 20 times as many die of heart disease, but the government doesn’t spend as much money researching those. It’s not that we shouldn’t be trying to cure AIDS. It’s just that we should be trying to cure everything. And if I’m dying of leukemia, I might well wonder where my red ribbon is. Why isn’t someone throwing me a pajama party at Barber’s?
Jeremy: (poking his head through the door) Hey, I just got off the phone with Libby in Nepal. Corey’s 1500 feet from the summit. (closes door)
Natalie: Two guys have ascended five miles into the sky. They walked up a wall of ice and are prepared to knock on the door of heaven itself. There’s really no end to what we can do. Know what the trick is?
Dan: What?
Natalie: Get in the game.

The first time I learned of the Neuromatrix, I did not know where to begin. There were so many possibilities, so many materials to read, watch or listen to, and no way to possibly review them all in my lifetime. It was daunting.

As I listened to the quoted exchange, Dan reminded me that right now, at this moment, there must be another therapist somewhere reading the term, Neuromatrix for the first time. A quick internet search reveals a minimum of 21,000 websites, and nearly 2,000 books that reference the Neuromatrix alone, without even getting into authors/presenters (Moseley, Butler, Shacklock, Pearson, Ramachandran, and Wall, to name only a few) and topics that are related to the same topic. So, where to begin?

I started here, but it doesn’t matter…so long as they make an effort to get in the game.


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