Dr. Joseph A. Contractor, M.D.

If I hire a contractor to do a job, it will be done right. That is why I will take my time and find the right man (or woman) for the job. I will pay the going rate for the job, but I might be willing to pay a premium if his work is above and beyond the work of other contractors in the area.

Once I hire a contractor, my work is not done. I will check by the job site every couple of days to be sure that things are being done the way I expect. I will be looking for quality, although I admit, that I may not always recognize it.

It is important that I have a good relationship with my contractor where he respects my needs, but I respect his expertise. Such a relationship will allow me to rely on him to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. That will be his job, and he will understand my expectations of him.

If my contractor cannot do the job himself, I will be understanding and appreciate his honesty and humility. I expect that he will sub-contract the best person for the job and if he doesn’t, he will ultimately be held responsible for the end-product.

And what if my contractor makes me wait 2 hours to see him in a small room, tapping virtual buttons on his tablet for 3 minutes, before exiting without fielding any of my questions?

He will know better.


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