Sundays With Family, Pt. 8

Welcome Home

She is becoming more expressive; at 14 months of age she is beginning to find ways to communicate with us through speech.

Most often, she says, “MaMa,” calling for Mommy.

She will often call the dog, “Hah-Hee,” when she sees him across the room or when he is licking food out of the hand she dangles from her high chair.

When she wants to be lifted from the floor, she pulls on our pant legs, “Uh. Uh.”

She is asking for “Maa,” and says, “an ooo,” when she gets what she asks for (more and thank you, respectively).

She calls AJ, “Bwa,” for brother and her favorite blanket, “Ba.”

As her vocabulary continues to expand, there is nothing that can melt this father’s heart more than walking in the door after a long day, looking at her excited smile and hearing, “Hi Da-dee.”

Well, nothing except the kiss she blows me immediately after.


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