Sports Night, Ep. 12


Before her show is about to go on the air, Dana asks for a brief synopsis of one of the events that her news program is going to be covering:

Dana: (Jeremy enters) Jeremy.
Jeremy: Yes.
Dana: Tell me the story so far on UCLA – Arizona.
Jeremy: The story, Dana, is shooting percentage. Shooting percentage and offensive glass. Last I checked, UCLA was 12 for 24 from the field, one for six at the stripe. Arizona’s press forced 12 turnovers which led to 15 points. The ‘Cats,’ needless to say, were dominant in the paint and McDuffy’s got four fouls. That is the story.
Natalie: Jeremy?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Dana: What’s the score?
Jeremy: Wow.
Dana: Jeremy–
Jeremy: The devil’s in the details.

Jeremy still appreciates the battle; he is no longer a “rookie”, but he continues to value nuance and remains compelled by the stories inherent in sport.

He might make a good physical therapist, walking into an evaluation with a blank paper, eager to understand a patient’s complaint; listening to the patient explain where she hurts, why and for how long she has been suffering.

His colleagues would probably prefer to walk into the same evaluation with an efficient checklist specific to that patient’s diagnosis. How else would they keep score?


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