Sports Night, Ep. 13

Small Town

Casey (the sportscaster) has been set up on a double date with a friend of Dana’s boyfriend, Gordon (Dana, you may recall is the show’s producer). The four of them are “enjoying” dinner after an modern dance exhibition earlier in the evening.

This is Casey’s first date since his divorce earlier in the year, and it shows:

Casey: So I was telling Gordon that it’s funny that you’re name is Lisa, because my ex-wife’s name was Lisa. In fact it still is. I was married to a woman named Lisa for a little over ten years, but now I’m not anymore.
Leesa: My name’s “Leeza.”
Casey: Leeza?
Leesa: Yes.
Casey: With a “z”?
Leesa: It’s spelled with an “s”.
Casey: But pronounced with an “z”.
Leesa: Yes.
Casey: Interesting. My ex-wife spelled it with an “s”. Pronounced it with an “s”, the whole nine yards.
Dana: You know maybe Leesa doesn’t want to hear all that much about Lisa.

Obviously, Dana is right. Leesa doesn’t want to listen to Casey talk about his ex-wife any more than a patient wants to know what their orthopedic surgeon had for dinner last night. Patients do not care about the salmon he ate or the wine she drank, only that their surgeon can cut straight, steady and accurately.

Still, physical therapists see their roles in a different light, likely by virtue of the greater amount of time afforded their relationship with the patient than other providers of care. Be it an effort to be more folksy or friendly (or perhaps they feel awkward surrounded by silence), many therapists often finish a “therapeutic” encounter knowing less about the patient than the patient knows about them. Dana would put such a therapist in their place with her now-patented sarcastic delivery.

Perhaps someone with a little less patience would just tell them to shut up.


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