Sundays With Family, Pt. 11

Our Boy – Still Learning

I was proud of him the other day; he knew exactly what I was asking for. He had gone to his first “big boy” birthday party (you know, parents drop off their kids instead of staying to watch – a welcome advancement, by the way) and we were leaving the other boy’s home when I asked AJ, “Did you express your gratitude to Scott [the boy’s father] for being so kind to you today?” AJ turned to Scott and replied, “Thank you, Scott, for inviting me to the party, for the food and for letting me play on the bounce house.”

Not bad for a 4-year-old, right?

Now, let’s fast forward a little to last night: while eating dinner, he wanted his mother to place some more noodles on his plate in a specific place.

AJ: Put it here.
Me: Hey…stop being bossy.
AJ: I’m not, Daddy. I am just telling her what to do.

Obviously, we still have some work to do.


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