Not Quite There Yet

The family dog, Keitel, developed quite the hot spot under his collar this week and it had a significant impact on my morning routine. I usually let him rest outdoors all day, but with a moist wound festering on the front of his neck (coupled with flies eager to find a place to lay their eggs) Keitel has been mostly housebound for the last couple of days. So, to allow for him to still have an opportunity to be outside and “burn off” some excess energy, I have been walking him 5 miles per day (which is about 4 miles more than usual).

On the second day, as I was walking up the hill near my home, I began to experience a soreness located over the anterior aspect of my shins. “Huh,” I thought to myself, “my anterior tib is really sore.”

.     .     .     .

I never gave my anterior tibialis a second thought until I was talking to a patient the next day:

When I leave your home next week, my hope is that you will hear the distinction between the phrase, “My knee hurts,” and, “I have a pain at my knee.”

As I heard my words, I considered my own thought the day before and was humbled.

I still have a long way to go…


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