Sports Night, Ep. 16


Jeremy is going to Natalie’s house for Easter and he is a little bit nervous. One reason is that it will be the first time he meets her parents and he badly wants to be liked. Another is that his visit is going to last a very long three days. The biggest reason, however, is that he is Jewish and is fearful of the condemnation that he may receive while visiting a very Christian family while they celebrate the anniversary of the resurrection of their messiah, who just happened to be nailed to a crucifix by Jeremy’s ancestors (although, to be fair, his family is Latvian, so he feels that he has a “pretty solid alibi”).

In an effort to prepare himself for the weekend ahead, he is doing some advanced research:

(Jeremy is in the studio, standing at a table covered with food and glasses)
Dana: What’s Jeremy doing out here?
Natalie: He’s making egg-nog.
Dana: He’s making egg-nog?
Natalie: Isn’t he sweet?
Dana: Why’s he making egg-nog?
Natalie: Cause he hates it.
Dana: He doesn’t like egg-nog.
Natalie: It makes him sick.
Dana: Does he know that no one drinks egg-nog at Easter?
Natalie: He thinks that we do.
Dana: You don’t want to set him straight?
Natalie: He’s just getting the hang of it.

Somewhere, this morning, there is a physical therapist that just spent a weekend course learning manual therapy; they will work on their first patient thinking that they are “getting the hang of it” too. Just like Natalie with Jeremy, there probably won’t be anyone there to set them straight, either.


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