Sundays With Family, Pt. 14

“Hey, Buddy!”

AJ will be attending kindergarten in just over one month and (as he steps on the bus for the first time) Kristy and I will certainly share in a moment of reflection: wondering on one hand where the time has gone and how lucky we are in the other.

Having already departed for school, the next morning will be the first Thursday in over two years that AJ will not run to the front door to wave “Hello” and yell, “Good Morning!” to the town DPW-workers who come to the house for garbage pick-up. Now, after a 2 year relationship, they look for him when they turn the corner and each gentleman makes an effort to wave back, often shouting a greeting back over the noisy truck in turn. On the best days, the truck fills up and AJ gets to watch it compact from the front door. Even on the days when the truck seems nearly empty, he always yells to them as the drive away, “Have a nice day!” He then closes the door, happily smiling and says, “They waved to me!”

This morning, I wonder:  Will they miss these moments too?


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