Sports Night, Ep. 17

How Are Things In Glocca Mora?

In this episode, Dana loses control of her professional world because of the external stresses imposed upon it from her very flawed personal world. She is forced to decide between her job and her lover; for fear of losing the latter, she dismisses the former. She says:

The world in which I’m confident is running right smack into the world in which I’m not.

When I was a child, an adolescent and (later) a young adult, I was confident in myself. I believed in myself more than I believed in anything else. I believed in rugged individualism, the benefit of a strong work ethic, and that there was nothing that I could not accomplish if I set my mind to it. I was never infallible, but I would not be kept down either. I was a great man and a wonderful therapist. In the end, I lived in a world that afforded me the confidence that no man deserves.

Now (many years later), I understand that the world that I was confident in never existed, but was rather a construct of a fanciful mind that lacked the fortitude and insight to deal with the fearful reality of a humbling world filled with uncertainty. It was the world of a burgeoning scientific understanding (where I am not as important, smart, funny or witty as I once thought I was) that crashed headlong into my world of self-aggrandizement, obliterating it.

Now when I visit therapy clinics, I wonder, “Why am I the only one here who took the red pill?”


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