Sundays With Family, Pt. 15

Garden State

I never fell in love with New Jersey; I could never settle down there. Real estate is over-priced and even the clean air smells bad. This is (of course) a direct result of being the most densely populated state in the country. Simply put: New Jersey is filled with too many people, and I loathe people, thus my desire to always live somewhere else.

Others are often surprised/confused when they learn that I hate people. They inevitably ask, “How could you be a physical therapist if you don’t like people?” This is simple, of course, because I chose a profession that allows me to work with one person at a time. I appreciate persons; they intrigue and fascinate me. I can relate to a person; people I cannot.

So while Kristy and the kids are in New Jersey this week, I will happily be at home and there will not be a single moment when I miss all the people (in all their cars) with their rudeness, noise, and pollution.

This morning, however, I wish that I had a few days off to visit a few persons who I do very much miss. You see, despite my happiness back Upstate I still miss my conversations with Joelle; talking music with Rich, politics with Bret, fishing with Dave and philosophy with Mark; spending time with Andrea, David, Ashley, and Peter…my children before I had my own.

The people of New Jersey suck, but I’ll be damned if there are not some wonderful persons there who I love and miss with all of my being.


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