Sports Night, Ep. 19

Eli’s Coming

Dan is a little bit flustered…

Dan: Listen to this, and this is all I want to tell you, and then I’m not gonna say anything else. I just went down to Rebecca’s office and Steve Sisco was there.
Casey: Expanded coverage. All day, all night.
Dan: Maybe I’ll talk about it a little more than that.
Casey: Steve Sisco was in her office?
Dan: Yes.
Casey: On a Saturday?
Dan: Yes.
Casey: What’s Steve Sisco doing in her office on a Saturday?
Dan: Who cares that it’s Saturday? What’s Steve Sisco doing in her office?…The point is, Steve Sisco was in Rebecca’s office–
Casey: On a Saturday.
Dan: –on a Saturday. My girlfriend’s ex-husband was in her office on a Saturday…

Later, Dan enters another room to seek counsel from a potentially more empathetic colleague, Natalie…

Dan: Listen to this: And I’m just gonna say this and then that’s the end of it. Steve Sisco’s with Rebecca in her office right now.
Natalie: Really?
Dan: Yeah.
Natalie: On a Saturday?
Dan: What the hell–

Dan’s primary complaint is that his girlfriend is meeting with her ex-husband, but everyone keeps focusing on the fact that it is Saturday; our patient’s primary complaint is often pain, yet when they go to therapy clinics, the focus is directed at obliquities, end feels and rhythms.

Is anyone really listening?


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