Sundays With Family, Pt. 19

Red Robin

Things have changed a lot over the years. When we were younger, her birthday dinners were at the Villa Roma, the River Palm, the Sea Shack or the Melting Pot. It was just the two of us at a quiet table (except at the Villa Roma, where Lilli was always loud…and we loved her for it!). We would sit and talk for two or three hours, discussing another year gone by and dreams and goals for the future.

That was then…

Now we have two children, one of whom (despite our best efforts) cannot sit still, can only be occupied for three minutes at a time, and talks very loudly. While she is yelling, he is dominating the conversation with questions and the insight of the average seven-year-old (which is an achievement considering that he just turned five). Very few eateries are suitable for the “energy” that we bring.

There used to be tea-light candles where the waitress now rests down ketchup and seasoning salt. We used to order seafood, now we order burgers and wraps. The waitresses used to remember our orders without taking notes and refilled our water glasses every five minutes, but now we have to beg for the check and “patiently” wait for 10 minutes (with 2 children, pushing close to their bedtime).

The meals were better then, but I suspect she would tell you the company is better now.


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