Heart-Shaped Pillow

When I give the cashier $3.00 for a $2.79 item and she gives me back 21 cents in return I say, “Thank you, very much.”

When the secretary spends a little more time with me on the phone, I say, “Thank you, I really appreciate your time”.

When a friend over 500 miles away (whom I’ve never met in person), reaches out to me with an act of genuine and undeserving kindness, I am lost for words.

Perhaps a thank you card would do. Maybe a trip to the stationary store, some time spent on (an albeit disappointing) monogram, and a handwritten message would adequately express my appreciation for his effort. Maybe adding a quote from Churchill would add some strength. Or, maybe, some thoughts just don’t translate well enough through words written on paper or projected on a monitor.

It is unfortunate, really. I feign gratitude all day long; to such an extent that when I truly have the rare moment when I am especially grateful and appreciative for the time, efforts, or thoughts of another, I am left with no means to express myself in a way that is truly representative of how I feel.

Perhaps a thoughtful gift would do…tomorrow, he will need it.


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