A Lesson For Medicine’s Future

He approaches the patient and completes a thorough evaluation. Vital signs are assessed. He double checks to make sure that the patient is anesthetized, then reaches for the scalpel. He brings the scalpel toward the patients chest…

I sit up quickly.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing?”

“I am fixing you, Daddy.”

“You are going to fix me by cutting me? How does that make sense?”

“I am a surgeon.”

“I understand that, buddy, but you need to slow down and talk to Daddy first.”

“Okay…[seemingly confused and waiting for direction]”

“Sit next to Daddy for one second…”

(He sits downs at my right side).

“…Good, now hold my hand with yours…”

(he grabs my much larger hand with both of his)

“…Great, now ask me a few questions about myself. You can cut me in a few minutes.”


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