43.383298, -76.656375

“Suppose I grew up on a farm and the actual night sky was there from birth, would I ever have taken it for granted?” –Neil deGrasse Tyson

There are a lot of memories here, and I have never taken any of them for granted.

During the day, it is beautiful. It is never quiet, yet never noisy. You can often see for a mile in either direction and not see another person.

In the evenings, it becomes majestic. The full moon lights up the sky and reflects off the water so brightly that you can read a book. Fourteen days later, the stars are bountiful; the sky truly has no bounds and the long mile that you can see during the day pales in comparison to the expansiveness of the night sky.

I still return home a few days every year. I take the dog for a walk, skip stones, and sit on the shore. After a few hours, I leave to go to dinner. Almost 20 years later, the days here remain beautiful and tranquil, but every time I drive away, I long for the majesty and wonder of another night at home.

Maybe next year.


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