Not-So-Keen Observer

AJ needs an appliance to correct a cross-bite. They initially made a recommendation for such an appliance one year ago. Since that time, I have done my due diligence: I have sought out a second opinion and carried out my own independent research to determine if this is a necessary procedure for my 5-year-old son. As it turns out, it is necessary; my wife and I have decided that he will indeed receive this appliance. He will not receive it now, however.

Today, the dentist again emphasized how important it is to receive this appliance; I acknowledged that I understood its importance, and that we would be waiting. I informed him that AJ has some issues with anxiety that we’re still trying to address and we are going to wait for the time that is best for him. I told him that while I appreciated his concerns regarding my son’s mouth, I also understood that there was still debate within the dental community as to whether this is something that should be done now or later (when a child is closer to 9 years). “We deal with children of varying levels of anxiety all the time, ” the dentist told me, “I am confident that he would do great.”

AJ does not cry when he is in the room. He quietly watches the television in the ceiling and has the better manners than any other child that visits of the same age (their words, not mine). He allows them to brush, scrape, floss and inspect without a single peep. As a result, the dentist sees a child who is ready. I still see a child who is not.

What do you see?


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