Cleaning House

Last week, I walked into a “state of the art” therapy facility and was reminded of a story from my youth:

My aunt purchased a new vacuum cleaner. It was the latest model with new a sensor to tell her when her carpets were clean. The little green light that turned on when the particle-to-air ratio was just right provided her with validation for a job well done.

There was nothing wrong with her old vacuum cleaner, this one would just do a better job.

We were in the neighborhood and she called us to the house to “show-off” her new toy; she had already completed one room of the house when we arrived. Now in a different room, she turned on the machine and the light was red, indicating that there was more work to do. As she continued to vacuum, the light remained red. As a matter of fact, she had to vacuum over the same spot 6 or 8 times before the light would finally turn green. She was mortified that her carpets were so dirty, but pleased that they would now be clean.

I recommended that she move the vacuum more slowly, rather than at the brisk pace that she had done before and she only had to make 2 or 3 passes before the light turned green. Content to move slowly, she completed the remainder of the room purposefully walking behind her fancy, new vacuum.

When her job was complete, she smiled as she proudly placed her new 12 amp vacuum in her storage closet alongside its 2-year old, 12 amp predecessor from the same manufacturer.


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