Sports Night, Ep. 21

Ten Wickets

Jeremy is hanging up the phone in the editing room as Dana (the show’s producer) enters…

Jeremy: I was just talking to a guy in Trinidad.
Dana: When were you in Trinidad?
Jeremy: I wasn’t in Trinidad, the guy was in Trinidad. He was talking to me about a cricket match in New Delhi.
Dana: But–
Jeremy: Neither of us were in New Delhi. The cricket match was in New Delhi, the guy was in Trinidad, I was right here…It was incredible.
Dana: What was incredible?
Jeremy: I don’t know.
Dana: You don’t know?
Jeremy: I don’t know anything about cricket.
Dana: You don’t know anything about cricket?
Jeremy: That’s what I’m saying.
Dana: Really?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Dana: Nothing?
Jeremy: Dana, a very big sports story is happening.
Dana: Jeremy, if a very big sports story was happening, we’d know it.
Jeremy: We do know it, we just don’t understand it.

.     .     .     .

Recently, I read a story about a physical therapist who worked in a rehab faciilty who had no interest in learning about pain science because it wasn’t “her field”. This despite her work with patients in acute (i.e. total knee replacement) and chronic pain (spinal stenosis).

She doesn’t get it: there is a BIG thing happening all around her, yet she doesn’t care enough to realize it and will never understand it.

Her patients are the ones who suffer.


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