Slow Down: Construction Zone

Over the years, I have come across many patients who want to be healed…yesterday.

Whether that have suffered a strained a muscle, a sprained ligament, a torn tendon or have undergone surgery, they rarely think they are healing fast enough; they are dissatisfied when I teach them that their body must necessarily take time to heal. They are even more frustrated when they discover that there is little that can be done to significantly accelerate the process: their tissues must go through an inflammatory phase and progress (ultimately) to healthy and remodeled structures. Their pain need not persist, but healing takes time.

The point is this: if Dwayne Wade or David Price sometimes need time off to heal, my patients need to be reminded that they will necessarily need time off too. To expect otherwise would be analagous to pulling out of their driveway in a rented Toyota Corolla and expecting to drive from Buffalo to Albany in 2 hours. It isn’t going to happen.

Instead, after 2 hours in the car, they end up in Syracuse, very disappointed.


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