Just Zip It

“He told me before i had my surgery that he was going to make me work hard to get 130° of flexion.”

My patient, 3 days after surgery, is excited about the prospect of returning to outpatient physical therapy. The outpatient therapist, who she has worked with previously, has already set the bar very high for her.

I am quite certain that he is a competent clinician. He has a tremendous reputation and I have no doubt that some of his patients do indeed achieve 130° of flexion after a total knee replacement.

Out of curiosity, i asked my patient what she intended to do with her 130° of knee flexion after she was done with her rehab. She told me that she was eager to return to exercise which included stationary cycling, walking on a treadmill and returning to her personal trainer for light strength training.

So what’s my beef? I have a problem with a 67-year-old woman with 120° of knee flexion (who successfully returns to cycling, treadmills and personal training while living her life without limitation) being led to believe that she didn’t work hard enough to achieve 130° of flexion after a total knee replacement and (as result) she is a failure.

His ego may not take a hit, but hers might.

Unless he is willing to take the blame if she doesn’t achieve her ‘new’ goal, he should keep his mouth shut.


One thought on “Just Zip It

  1. Sometimes the lines are blurred; sometimes they are clear and easily crossed if looking the wrong way.
    We know the drama helps but it is important to know where the lines between fantasy and reality are.
    At some point one might have to realise, it’s never about you and all about the other, despite all the qualifications and experience.
    It’s your choice, so what direction do you wish to go to, one step at a time? What meaning, life, success and luck do you want to be known for; for every choice you make?

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