Boo Time!

PT Assessment: The patient is a male in his early 30s; he appears stressed, perhaps worried. Palpable tightness is noted in bilateral upper traps with limited cervical motion evident in rotation, bilaterally. Shoulder elevation is also reduced bilaterally with scapulae fixated – unable to upwardly rotate on either side. Shoulder ROM is also limited in external rotation. The patient is assessed to be very rigid thoughout the trunk and the lower extremities. A movement screen reveals reduced trunk rotation bilaterally and the patient presents with reduced step and stride length bilaterally with a lack of arm swing.

Therapists often see many of these symptoms in the clinic as defects. Sometimes the patient has pain, other times they don’t. It doesn’t matter, though, there is a lot that can be worked with here.

On the other hand, after changing the environment and context, he looks fine to me.


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