Learning From Experience, Pt. 2

On Saturday morning, I took AJ to Tae-Kwon-Do and watched a philosophy lecture on Dark Energy and Dark Matter (I even understood most of it!). By the afternoon, my hands were starting to ache. My skin felt extra sensitive. I was experiencing chilling sensations that seemed to start at my sacrum and shoot up my back through my thoracic spine. I checked my temperature all day, but I was afebrile.

I was afebrile, that it is, until 1915 when it jumped up to 101.0 degrees (or 38.8 degrees, if you prefer). But, that was okay – I am certainly not immune to the 24-hour bug. I moved into the guest bedroom to not expose my wife and kids to whatever it was that I had acquired and started bing-viewing Red Dwarf. When my eyes would grow heavy (I thought), I would fall asleep and wake the next morning feeling better. That was my plan.

Well, that is not how it played out. My fever spiked at 103.8/39.8. I was violently shaking and trembling. My brain felt like it was turning off – I was watching the smeggin’ show, but couldn’t focus on, or remember, it. And what the smeg was going on with my ankle? It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. As did my left hip. And my right low back.

As I was shaking in bed at 4:00 in the morning – with distracting pain in regions throughout my body that had experienced no recent trauma – I was considering how much I had glanced over, and largely ignored the potential role of the immune system in my patient’s pain experience.

I was a neurocentric smeg-head.


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