Learning From Experience, Pt. 4

I woke up Sunday after only 3 hours sleep, but my fever had dropped to 99.3/37.3; the chills were gone and the pains were greatly reduced, which I was thankful for as AJ was going to celebrate a belated birthday with his friends at the bowling alley. I planned to hang out in the background, snapping some photos while watching him enjoy himself.

By the time I was snapping pictures, it was back. I didn’t need a thermometer. I could just tell – all the symptoms were the same. The aches, the sensitivities, the chills…they were all back and I excused myself early from the party.

This wasn’t like me at all – I am a ‘one-night-fever” kinda guy. I am like Tigger – I just bounce back. “What the hell? What could it be?” I asked myself.

I didn’t have a sore throat, so strep was unlikely.

I didn’t have a cough or any difficulty breathing, so a respiratory ailment seemed unlikely.

Granted, my appetite was reduced, but I didn’t have any nausea/vomiting or diarrhea, so the flu seemed unlikely (and it should be – I received my vaccination)

I didn’t have neck pain, so meningitis is no where near the top of the list.

It is November, so I ruled out EEE and West Nile.

I did have night sweats the night before…maybe leukemia?

Yep – the chink in my armor of reason this week was going to be leukemia. I went to the medicine cabinet, just to check…yep! I had some clonazepam just in case. Next? I started to consider likelihoods and my lack of other symptoms – no fatigue, no muscle pains, no weight loss. But maybe this was the first sign? “No, you smeg-head, it is just a virus – lay your ass in bed for a while. Put on some more Red Dwarf.


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