The Space Between Us

Perhaps I am swinging at a straw-man, but I fear not.

I find it interesting that I have often heard (or read) of the power of the internet, especially with regards to its potential ability to provide us (as clinicians, especially those working with patients with painful problems) a new medium through which we can interact with our patients. I encourage those who are considering such endeavors, however, to pause and watch this video.

Most of us work in hospitals, rehab centers, homes and clinics. We have an opportunity to consult with individuals face-to-face, in a shared space – the ideal context for empathy – yet some are advocating for adding distance between us and our patients for the sake of efficiency, cost, or convenience. Meanwhile, film-makers are trying as hard as they can to reduce the distance between decision-makers and the disadvantaged to enhance empathy and understanding.

In short – others see value in spending millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of time to create a space that we already work in, but may be walking away from.

The internet’s potential for connectivity is nothing short of amazing – but please remain acutely aware of its limitations.


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