Segment Transcript: The View

The following is the transcript of Dr. Bresser’s presentation on low back pain on The View:

The back is an incredibly complex area if you look at what’s in here. [Pointing at structures on a skeleton model]. You’ve got vertebrae in the spine. In between them you have these things called discs – you can also show the graphic that shows them in red [the graphic appears on the viewers screen with transparent vertebrae outline in bright blue on a black background with the discs colored solid in a orange-red color] – and those provide cushioning in between each one of the spines. Coming out the side, these are nerve roots, okay. And this all has to stay perfectly in line, perfectly supported, or you’re going to get pain, because anything that puts pressure on these nerve roots causes pain. So these discs, here, as you get older, they become weakened and what can happen is they can bulge out, the outer fibers part can get weak and they can bulge out and cause pressure. So when you talk about a herniated disc, or a bulging disc…a bulging disc means it is just bulging out and pushing on a nerve root, but it can rupture and it causes a collapse between those two [vertebrae?], it causes pressure and a lot of pain.

[a host then asks if chairs are important]

Chairs are really, really important. You want to make sure, when you are thinking of preventing this, that your furniture fits you; for it to fit you, you need to have your feet flat on the ground, you want your legs at 90 degrees…Furniture is really important; we spend so much of our day sitting, that if it doesn’t fit us properly, you’re gonna be tweaking and you can feel that because you stand up and you can’t straighten…

There are definitely things that you can do though in terms of exercising, staying active – I find yoga is really, really helpful in terms of flexibility and building core strength. But find an exercise that you like.

(a link to the video is available here)


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